Hellooooo I’ve been meaning to share this with all the fine folk at GT for a while now but I keep forgetting and time keeps ticking on and soon time will be up! So I’ll do it now even if I haven’t formed a great introductionary paragraph.

A couple of months ago a call went out for art about Depression with the idea of forming it into a little art zine. They have made 1 previous anthology about Anxiety and wanted to do a second one but about Depression this time. Their goal is to help keep the conversation about invisible illnesses open and also provide a beautiful book.

The zine looks in-credible and it’s filled with about 70 pages of art, comics & creative writing about Depression from 30 artists from over 15 countries if I’m not mistaken (myself included! :D) there are 5 days left in the kickstarter and it’s shot past it’s goal and we are well into stretch-goal-land which means that if you decide to also back this kickstarter, you will absolutely be getting your zine! :D


I know there are many others here on GT that have or are struggling with Depression (their own, or their loved ones), which is why I’d been wanting to plug this, just in case someone would like it :)

PS: Sorry about the last-minute-ness but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

How are y’all doing? Did/make anything you’re proud of lately? Want to brag? Brag away!


I had an art expo this weekend in my (former) hometown and despite always feeling on edge when I go back there it was an overwhelmingly wonderful experience. Everyone was kind and lovely, I saw lots of family members and got a lot of super sweet responses about the more personal art. People opened up about their own experiences almost right away and that was so incredible to experience. I even sold 2 painting! It was nuts! :D

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